And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt, such as there never has been or ever will be again!





yo this song was my jam

this movie makes me so happy, not just because of the religious aspect but also because I study Egyptology and the fact that they used the right pharaoh, his personality and all, and all the Egyptian gods always makes me fangirl. plus the music is kickass.

I mean, have you heard Plagues??? 

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Track Title: Where No One Goes

Artist: Jónsi and John Powell

Album: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Track Title: Flying With Mother

Artist: John Powell

Album: How To Train Your Dragon 2

"Flying With Mother" from How To Train Your Dragon 2

Track Title: For the Dancing and Dreaming

Artist: John Powell

Album: How to Train Your Dragon 2

For the Dancing and Dreaming (John Powell)

Valka + Cloudjumper


ive watched httyd 1 like three times in the last 2 days and im gonna go see the new one in like an hour im so excited!!!!!

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The home of the great bewilderbeast. The alpha species. One of the very few that still exist. Every nest has its queen but this is the king of all dragons. With his icy breath, this graceful giant built our nest; a safe haven for dragons everywhere. We all live under his care and his command.”


The Id comprises the basic, instinctual drives, acting according to the “pleasure principle”. He cares about others deeply; for him doing the right thing is not a question of convenience or moral relativity, but about the concrete reality right now.

The Ego is the closest to the conscious human mind. He must balance these opposing personalities while being able to take their advice and choose between them (or literally, choose “between them”) without being overcome either by emotion or dispassionate logic.

The Superego acts essentially as the person’s critical and moralizing conscience. For him, the solution to problems will have a balanced and well-thought out approach; he also desires for the person’s behavior to be based on what’s socially acceptable.

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"We should go there."