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Pitch finally has his day in the sun.

Pitch finally has his day in the sun.

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This was one of the most impactful moment of this movie, at least for me, because it showed that Guy didn’t actually know any more than the others about science, nature, and all that. He was just like them - acting off what he knew and thought to be true. He literally thought TOMORROW WAS A PLACE. He wasn’t being poetic when he said “ride the sun to tomorrow;” he was being literal. And that was when I realized the true message of the movie. It wasn’t that you need to get with the times and that young people have it all together. It wasn’t that at all. The message was this:

To not be afraid of the dark and to follow the light because there is ALWAYS hope. Even when the world seems to be ending, there is still hope because beyond the dust and smoke and clouds that obstruct it, the light is still shining.

oh my god that description


Hair monster Sera and Puff turkey Tooth.


Hair monster Sera and Puff turkey Tooth.


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"the HTTYD2 trailer ruined everything i’m not going to see it"


"hiccup looks so ugly now"


"ewww why did they make everyone older?"


"do you even know there are books"


"it was a pretty cute movie for Disney"




I think it’d be great to put together a video to show how much we love and appreciate DreamWorks for all their hard work and beautiful movies they have made.

If you wanna be part of it, you can either make a

  • Fansign
  • Graphic or gif
  • Video (no…



This is my headcanon on Tuffnut’s new hair.

So much yes


Tell me these movies are just dumb comedies.  Tell me Po is just a stupid Panda.  Tell me.  I will fight you.

Kung Fu Panda is about a character with legitimate low self esteem issues who is mocked and ridiculed by the people he looks up to.  No matter how hard he trains, he doesn’t believe in himself until he discoverers that there is no “secret ingredient” that will make him great, because HE is what makes himself great. 

Po: There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you.